I'm wondering if we're now too late and that events have overtaken us. Many who follow my material will know that I'm fast coming to the conclusion that people who are generally 'awake to conspiracy' are not necessarily enlightened - and this can be seen by the traps that they fall into everyday.

14 months ago I wrote this...


Seriously, have a read of it; it's quite short and won't take you long. Yes I know I was having a rant (as I often do) but look at the themes I mention within it and the central points that are being made.

Now reflect on that and perhaps you might wonder what the hell the Freedom/Half-truth movement has been doing for the last 14 months. Consider the amount of time we have wasted and what we could have achieved.

Well events, it seems, have continued on the same trajectory and it's even clearer now, I believe, that there is a controlled and deliberate take-down of the National Sovereignty of Britain (and all nations). This is being accomplished in a number of different ways but one of the most obvious it seems, right now, is the attack on the British Monarchy.

Many commentators were warning about this months ago but it seems that many appear to be incapable of distinguishing the Royal Family (current or otherwise) from the role of head-of-state - the Monarch, in our Limited Monarchy. They are merrily cheering-on the destruction of the Monarchy without any idea of the deeper ramifications.

I suspect that this taking out of National Sovereignty might also involve the discrediting of our our governments too - through the handling of events like the Covid circus. The exposure of all of that appears to be just a little too facilitated don't you think?

People seem to struggle with the topic of the Constitution, and I think it might be because people see it as inherently 'establishment' and perhaps even 'political'. They believe that having to drop into some serious reading of history and perhaps even our law is, in itself, a bit old-world and that, instead, we should be trying to create something new and 'fresh'. Coming to a deeper understanding of how things were actually set-up to work, feels to many like too much hard-work, especially if it's going to require some careful, reasoned, logical thinking and reading. Maybe they make associations with the already-known corruption and power games that make up the history of our Monarchy and, in their own minds, wish to shelve it entirely in order to replace it with what they see as a utopian dream of freedom: something to be achieved not by sheer hard work and knowledge but through picking holes at the corrupt administrative machinery of our current system.

I have always said that pointing at possible (but hard to prove) administrative 'fraud' at the lower level and around the Councils is missing the point. Well, time may now have run out to focus on what would make a difference, because the powers-that-shouldn't-be are running rings around us. Their plans are far more advanced and long-range it seems. (As they have always been).

The one thing holding them back, I believe, is the remaining vestiges of our Constitutional Rule of Law and the Monarchy. I'm not saying (and never have claimed) that the current incumbent is successfully fulfilling that role of First Among Equals - or, indeed, any of the recent (or even less recent) heads of state. That's a different matter entirely. The critical point is that the role of Monarch itself within our Constitutionally Limited Monarchy is absolutely foundational. If that is tampered with any further you can kiss goodbye to any pretence that things must be lawful. That will give the Powers-that-shouldn't-be carte-blanche. Even though they have managed to achieve an almost 100% air-brushing out of the Constitution in the minds of the population, the powers-that-shouldn't-be are currently held back, in my view, at least by the need for good optics and PR. They must at least be seen to be fair-minded and 'well-behaved'.

I believe we are on the cusp of something very large going down, and I think we might be almost too late to stop it. The National Sovereignty of Britain might well have always been a lynch pin in this.

So, what is the most dangerous thing to their plans? What would be the thing that they would most fear that might derail what could be their long-range plans for a globalist government?

Only one thing in my view: a Constitution that was specifically put in place to limit the powers of a would-be tyrannical national government. Not all Constitutions of nations can do that effectively - only a constitution that specifically supports and upholds the key principle of the people governing themselves. I.e. a governing system that limits the 'administration' and upholds the authority of the people themselves on all matters of justice: A Constitution that places the people as the final arbiter of law through Trial by Jury.

I don't really know how to say this more straight-forwardly. If the people want freedom, then you must have a governing system that places the people as the supreme legislature and judiciary. It's pretty basic logic. So, why is the Freedom Movement largely still ignoring this? I don't believe for a moment that people who are broadly 'awake to conspiracy' are any more virtuous than people we traditionally regard as 'asleep' - but one might hope that they would at least see the urgency and need for action more readily in this focussed area of the Rule of Law! It appears not to be the case.

We have a situation now where the people who seem most aware of what is going on, appear to be ignoring the one single most powerful weapon against tyranny: the Constitution. It was the very thing that was designed to place them in authority over their government - to cause their government not even to be a government anymore and to demote it in power to being nothing more than an administration. It is within your Constitution that you will find Common Law.

What possible reasons are there for the freedom movement at large not to be talking about the following themes everyday all over the country, all over social media...

  • The English Law tradition (and the resulting Constitution) places the people in authority over their own government everyday all over the country - but the powers-that-shouldn't-be are denying this. Why!?
  • The people exercise this authority through full, authentic Trial by Jury - which gives them the power to decide on the legislation. Whilst this is in operation today in a limited form, the jury are not told of their power and right to judge the law. Why?!
  • All matters of justice under the Constitution are therefore meant to be decided through Courts of Conscience - meaning people are not supposed to be given punishment merely by an approximated, pre-determined 'standard' (legislation) but always by the organic consciences of the people.
  • The Head of State (the King) is meant to be holding this in place and supporting the sovereignty of the people - not Parliament! Why is he not?
  • The Head of State is meant to be able - and has a duty to - refuse assent to any legislation that would be a danger to the liberties of the people and would infringe the Constitution. Why is this crucial Constitutional mechanism being denied or dismissed by the establishment?
  • Parliament is not Sovereign - the people are. Why is this erroneous claim being made by the Political Class and showing up on the Parliament website and elsewhere?
  • Any public servants who are contradicting any of the above are running the risk of committing Common Law offences such as Misconduct in Public Office or even Sedition

The effect of engaging in all of this to the extent that the noise level reaches fever pitch would be that many of the contortions in law would whither away by themselves over time. The people within the system would start to question things they had been taught erroneously. We only need to start this process with gusto and noise - that would be enough to stem the tide of tyranny, but would also set things in motion and provide a momentum that would be hard to stop.

It would also cause our existing society to unravel - hopefully in a relatively controlled fashion, because a modern sophisticated, centrally-managed state would not be compatible with our Constitution when functioning properly. Things would probably become more locally organised.

Keep in mind that once the process is begun, it's at that point that further changes might be considered: perhaps the Head of State no longer being a Monarch. Who knows? Those things can be addressed, but right now the existing constitutional mechanisms, when re-established and called-upon by the population, can be the antidote because the powers-that-shouldn't-be, whilst attempting to deny these truths, will have a hard time once these themes are being discussed everywhere.

If there is a complete collapse, whether instigated by the powers-that-shouldn't-be or not, either way, the people must know and understand the functioning principles of a free society that operates in alignment with Natural Law. Otherwise the cycle will simply begin again. Regardless of what happens, these Natural Law principles (reflected perfectly by the Constitution) must be known by the population at large or you will be forced to repeat it all again until the lessons are learnt. Freedom has certain requirements and pre-requisites within the universe: you don't get freedom until you've earned it and can be trusted with it!


The last and most profound benefit of re-energising our Constitution, is that the greater use of Trial by Jury in society will, itself, lead to a raising of consciousness through the requirement to focus attention on ourselves and engage in ever more self-reflective activity both individually and collectively. This leads a society towards self-healing and demonstrates we can be trusted with greater latitude and freedoms.

So, maybe do the reading and the thinking that is required and stop focussing on symptoms. The cause of our problems is specifically that the people must self-govern and the British Constitution was set-up specifically to allow for that. It is entirely compatible with Natural Law and brings about an anarchic-like living.

Why aren't you calling for this every day, all over social media? We need open letters, commenting under articles, discussions started, challenging of MPs, challenging of the Parliamentary Library, educating others, spreading the message.

The only reason our Constitution was buried, is because it wasn't used, remembered and held in our hearts. Stand-up and educate yourselves here:

www.CommonLawConstitution.org to learn about the mechanics of a Common Law Constitution

www.LawAndAlchemy.org to learn about the underlying foundation of Natural Law, what it is and how it works

The Anarchists also need to get off their backsides and come on board and support this. Their blind-spot is the fact that they think that a Common Law Constitution brings about a state or 'government'. No it doesn't; not in the sense that people understand a state. Under this arrangement, the Common Law tradition demotes government and elevates the authority of the people - making any 'government' powerless to act under its own volition. This brings about Democracy in its proper form (not how it's come to be understood). Democracy is not about voting in elections, it's about placing the people as the authority over all aspects of justice through Trial by Jury or something similar: A Natural Law Tribunal. And you should be correcting that misunderstanding at every opportunity, not letting it slide!

Prominent people and groups in the freedom movement are also not currently calling for this either. Come on people - your time is running out but you may have a few seconds before midnight to pull things around. Get off your knees and educate yourself fast! The only reason why you wouldn't is either laziness, apathy or cowardice. Which one of those are you demonstrating?

William Keyte - 14th March 2024