I write this in mid-January 2023 at a time when things are looking serious. I feel we are now in the 'last chance saloon' when it comes to action that liberty-loving people can take.

I believe that the 'Common Law Movement' (those interested in some aspect of the distortion of our law system) are under a spell. More specifically a psy-op, and if we don't wake up and see it we're going to be too late. What do I mean?

Most people in the freedom movement who take interest in matters of law claim that they are interested in Common Law. But it is interesting that, very few actually frame common law correctly or even talk about it at all. Many appear to veer off almost immediately into stories of cusip numbers, birth certificate fraud, self-executing contracts or Uniform Commercial Code. That isn't Common Law!

Yes, many of us have been down the road of Law Merchant, UCC and even trusts and much of it does make sense and could well be possible, but frankly it's hard to prove to a high standard and at the same time it makes us all look more than a bit silly. Oh, and I don't agree about the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 - I don't think it says what people claim it does, sorry.

The thing is, we don't need to argue that the government is acting unlawfully by using this stuff. We can look much more sane, intelligent, reasonable and even respectable (heaven forbid) - simply by arguing all of this from the context of the constitution. It's easy to understand, and funnily enough, it's actually based on Common Law. Ladies and Gentlemen, the constitution is your Common Law foundation; and it was put in place for a point in history like now. It's there to protect your liberties from government. The whole point of a Democratic Common Law Constitution is to prevent government itself from becoming criminal in nature. The word Democracy actually refers to the emplacement of a jury mechanism that allows the people to judge the law as well as the accused! It's not about voting in elections.

The Great Reveal

Many won't share my views necessarily on this, but I think the powers-that-should't-be are about to make some big sacrifices to win a bigger battle - Global Government. How? Deliberately facilitate the exposure of the whole Covid fraud, throw the World Economic Forum, the vaccine manufacturers/big pharma to the wall and all the functionaries of the world's governments that colluded with them and say something like 'look how you were tricked - you can't trust National Governments anymore'. We will provide you with a safe central governing system.' And they will succeed in this very shortly if we don't do the things I'm about to mention. The nastiest thing about this is that 'they' will implement Global Government by masquerading it as local policy brought about 'democratically' through your local councils and regions; meaning that our dear fast-asleep friends and relations around us will not see this coming and happily wave this through nonchalantly. Given most never even saw through the Covid circus, they won't spot this either.

The WEF clowns look like something out of some awful movie. Klaus himself just needs a white cat or a 'mini-me' and he's the perfect villain figure. I know it's amazing how many haven't worked it out yet, but seriously, do you think they wanted us to spot this?

I also find (as does Hugo on his 'Hugo Talks' Youtube channel) that this gradual exposure we are now seeing of Covid is not terribly organic. It seems a bit facilitated.

Interesting too, how there appears to be a big anti-royal movement at the same time - or is it a republican movement? Many supporters of this haven't yet figured out the dangers of getting rid of the role of King/Queen in Britain to our constitutional protections and the entire Common Law-based oath system that is embedded in our government. Many who call for the end to the royals have not understood the dangers we create for ourselves when we pull apart what I think is the one remaining thing that is even vaguely keeping the other side at bay: the Constitutional Rule of Law that technically, they are still bound by.

So, if the powers-that-shouldn't-be are going all-in and chucking their useful puppets into the trash, that means they are playing some big deceptions here. And we haven't got long to get our act together. The Freedom Movement is largely in disarray, in my view, and totally unfocussed. Do you think that that chaos in our dissident movement might be deliberate distraction and mis-direction?

What's my answer I hear you say?

The 'Law Movement' (those interested in Common Law), need to do the following immediately:

  • Stop messing around with their commercial systems that they have put in place to distract you
  • Stop engaging in letter-writing processes involving notices especially ones based in Law Merchant and UCC.
  • Stop talking about the birth certificate fraud and the Strawman - it makes you look fringe and ridiculous
  • Learn about Common Law itself - it's built into the Constitution
  • Understand that 'owning' your Constitution is about enacting your sovereignty - it was designed to bind criminal government - so why are you ignoring it?
  • Understand that there are no shortcuts or magic bullets - you need to educate yourself in order to educate the unawake
  • Make the case that the government is beyond its powers by arguing from a sensible foundation. The legal profession and Judiciary might even sit up and listen and the general mass of unawake public won't think that you're a nutter.
  • Stop spouting half-truths and exaggerated statements about the legal profession all colluding and that 'they all know and are working together using a secret language'. This is absolute nonsense - they are as much a victim of misdirection and obfuscation as you were.
  • Most importantly, teach as many people around you the simple truth of the constitution. We can't challenge the system until huge numbers have woken up to how the law system is supposed to work.
  • Stop making claims like 'All you have to do in a magistrates court is demand a Trial by Jury'. With a summary-only offence, simply demanding this and not taking part in your trial could lead to a conviction. If you wish to take that risk; great - but be aware that that risk is very real at the moment so stop misleading other people over this!

Ladies and gents, the reason why there are no shortcuts and no magic bullets is because most people (the vast majority of the public) sincerely believe in the legitimacy of the status quo and current system: it doesn't matter how correct you are in law. We still live in a de facto governing system under 'colour of law'. If they have the monopoly on violence and the police and executive branch still believe you don't have right on your side then nothing will change. 

We don't need a majority, just a tipping point. We need huge numbers of people sharing awkward facts, questions, concepts and statements all over social media about the constitutional rule of law in this country. Examples?

  • The constitution says that the people govern their country through the jury
  • The Constitution affords all men and women a jury trial - so what's going on with the Magistrates court?
  • Parliament is not sovereign: the people are
  • Charles can't be King - whilst supporting WEF policies. That would be conflicting with his constitutional role as 'first among equals'.
  • The Jury has the right to disagree with the legislation - it's called Jury Independence
  • The King's most important role? - to refuse Royal Assent to any of parliament's statutes that threaten the people's liberties and would infringe the constitution
  • The jury has the right to ignore an unjust statute
  • The Judge in court is not the judge: the Jury are the judges
  • The people learn to rule themselves by being on a jury. The constitution teaches us to be our own masters
  • Embracing and 'owning' the constitution is our kindergarten for becoming truly sovereign

Use those concepts listed above and write some new ones using your new understanding of our constitution. Share the hell out of these concepts over social media and comments pages under videos/articles and use the references and quotations page here to back yourself up:


Doing that will start to rattle the other side.

And, more generally, you can begin by reading this:


...and downloading and reading this document - it is essential reading!:


And lastly, keep an eye on this website. https://www.commonlawconstitution.org

Now let's see some action!


PS: If you want to read more on this issue of the 'Common Law Psy-op', read this excellent essay here: