All the symptoms of our conditions of slavery stem back to one thing: Criminal Government

Here's the logic...

  • The government, and the people within it are acting criminally according to law.
  • The higher laws, Constitutional Law, is there to judge our administrative government itself and impose limitations on its powers
  • Parliament is a government-controlled law-making mechanism - but not the kind of higher law that binds government itself. Legislation from parliament is not constitutional law.
  • How does the average man feel confident in non-compliance? Knowing exactly how government is acting unlawfully and understanding the simple constitutional mechanisms that bind it.
  • Nothing else can be addressed until considerably more people have clarity on Constitutional Common Law.
  • The government has legitimacy only for the time that it is acting lawfully.
  • The consent of the governed is specifically this: Government is allowed to exist only if the people remain in judicial and legislative authority over parliament and the monarch. That specifically means through Common Law Trial by Jury in which the people have the power to ignore government-created law if they feel that would be appropriate.

That is essentially the solution at the mechanical level only. At a deeper level, there is clearly a lot more to this! Understanding one's own shadow, self-reflection, examining one's own emotions and psyche and understanding the greater arcana in the esoteric is also critical. But the above is the simplest answer at our visible, 'every-day' level.