To all - a happy celebration of 1215 Magna Carta

Have a read of this - or even print it out to put up above your fireplace to get your visitors asking ;-)

Maybe watch this hour long documentary - it's fascinating and uplifting:

How about people spend a little bit of time today having a look at what establishment groups are saying about Magna Carta on social media, websites, articles etc. Many will be trotting out the usual incorrect claims about MC and the Constitution. Perhaps inject the following ideas and concepts into comments areas, Facebook/Twitter conversations in order to correct the common misunderstandings...

  • Magna Carta 1215 (the original and great) still stands as law and binding on government - regardless of what they may claim. Why? because it's the binding agreement under which government operates and is beyond the reach of the King and Parliament.
  • 1215 MC is not legislation - Parliament can't repeal or amend it
  • It is the 1215 MC that gives the people the right to judge the law through Trial by Jury
  • Why do we only have 1% of cases reaching a Trial by Jury when MC1215 stipulates that all cases must come before their peers?
  • How can Parliament claim it is Sovereign when it is still bound under the principles of MC1215?
  • Why is the King not upholding the Constitutional principles held in MC1215?

Essentially - have a day of reflection about liberty and freedom.

Best wishes all