Compulsory Viewing!... Documentary on Jury Nullification

An amazing and unusual insight into real Jury deliberations leading to an actual act of annulment. Ladies and Gents, you really must watch this and share - it's only an hour.

This is from America, where they are more relaxed about activities and deliberations inside a real case. You would never get this level of insight in Britain.

It is incredible to watch for a number of reasons, but two in particular:

  1. It really shows the transformational aspect of being on a jury - the raising of consciousness happening to the jurors in real time whilst they're enacting their constitution.
  2. The second thing to watch for is the double-think or cognitive dissonance in the mind of the Judge. He cannot bring himself to inform the jury of their power to annul, they figure this out for themselves (in the end) and then the judge congratulates the jury at the end in his final speech for bringing justice to the case! This is the mental condition we are seeing in society generally. Holding two contradictory ideas in the mind simultaneously.

Do spread this documentary far and wide and please also download the video too - as I think we can all guess what could happen!

PBS Frontline: Inside the Jury Room (1986)