New Video Series: Explaining the Constitution

Will has put together a series of videos explaining the constitution:

In total, there will be nine parts. Uploaded currently are the first four only.

In this series, he breaks down the essential principles by reading from, and commenting on, the freely available document 'The Occulted Powers of the British Constitution' also downloadable from here...

Both the videos and the accompanying document are a great resource for understanding the legitimacy of not only the Constitution but also the 1215 Magna Carta. It unravels the central principles of a Common Law Constitution and why the most valuable aspects are those that have been deeply hidden.

Understand the common arguments that attempt to detract from the importance of the Constitution and how they can be dismissed once the full context is understood. The inclusion of a number of academic quotations demonstrates the solid nature of the information.

This is a crucial resource for anyone not only on their journey towards understanding deeper aspects of Natural Law but especially for those wishing to raise these issues with others in conversation or argument.