What will uncovering a potential technicality in a previous coronation do? This issue appears to be coming up more and more. What I am talking about is the possible issues of whether Queen Elizabeth II signed the oath incorrectly, or was sitting on the wrong throne or stone. These are interesting things from an historical perspective, certainly, but I believe we must guard against them becoming distractions from the more crucial issues.

What might this do - uncovering some potential anomaly about Queen Elizabeth’s reign or coronation? I believe it could easily hide or conceal the broader problem that, by that point, the country was already running completely counter to the genuine Rule of Law anyway. It was already an awful state of affairs and had been for centuries.

Looking at these issues beyond a cursory interest, I believe, obfuscates the broader and more profound truths - specifically that the people cannot have true freedom unless they are the final arbiter of law. It’s the people that need to be the definers of the boundaries of acceptable behaviour in their community; not government or special agents of government. Merely exposing the illegitimacy of one reign is missing the point. What about all the other coronations or reigns - do we have to uncover similar anomalies for them too?

It’s only when the people see for themselves how wildly outside law the government is (and already was) behaving, that they will truly understand their sovereignty, step up and, through a collective incredulity and outrage, hold their feet to the fire. Pinning hope on the exposure of a technicality does not do this, in my view. It will be perceived as another ‘shortcut’ procedure that we can follow to ‘catch them out’ and merely expose the conspiracy.

Real freedom is not going to be won by exposing conspiracy: that is merely scratching the surface of the problem. Real freedom exists by the people reflecting on their sovereignty and facing up to their responsibilities - which specifically is their long lost right to judge on the justice of their community. That involves some serious reflection and a dive into shadow - both individual and collective. Not taking responsibility for correcting this state of affairs would be seen in Natural Law, and the Universe, as us conceding and even facilitating this crime. The central issue is calling out the distortions currently in place which would include order-following, the illegitimate concept of government authority and the lack of courts of conscience in our community. Having courts of conscience (or a Natural Law tribunal) in place within one’s community specifically has the effect of raising consciousness and allows the people to heal trauma and face demons and prejudices. It’s about facing and going through that darkness.

It has been suggested in esoteric studies, that the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria fell because the people didn’t do their shadow work. When the population takes part in the process of delivering justice they are confronting their own shadow which positively affects the entire community. Furthermore, you don’t have equity unless the people are taking part in the shaping of the moral character of their community: that takes responsibility. The danger at the moment, is that the people still just want a quick fix for the predicament in which we find ourselves. It’s not going to happen that way: at best it might derail temporary plans for the other side, but it might even play into their hands. A quick fix, based solely around the energy of retribution will not cut it as it does not provide us with the opportunity to face up to our responsibilities for our own participation in the world’s state of affairs.

Keep in mind that the other side is keen to bring down constitutional governments: they especially do not want Democratic Common Law-based constitutions in place and operating properly. Taking down the British monarchy could well assist the manifestation of their long-range plans of global governance, as it will create a vacuum whilst the broader portion of the general public remain unaware, and still lack the understanding, of the central pillars of a true democratic society: Jury Independence and the principles of Natural Law and Individual Rights.

The solution, surely, is for the people to enact their sovereignty by learning about Jury Independence and insisting, in vast numbers, that this is all reinstated. That requires them to hold their governing administration to account according to law (Natural Law) whilst reflecting on their own morality. Either way, whether the current system is brought back into shape whilst kicking and screaming, or the entire system collapses, it’s still going to require the people to know the central pillars of a conscious society before anything new is built.

The ‘technicality’ or the documentation of any of these subjects is not really what it is about. Even the constitution itself - and the expression of it in Magna Carta - comes to naught if the people themselves don’t regard it as their custom and hold it dear to them. You do not preserve your rights or liberties merely by writing a document - its only a record and declaration of intent; and the constitution doesn’t exist just because it’s written in the great Charter of 1215. The people of medieval England generally couldn’t read and write and yet they knew about these principles, hence their zealousness for their rights. It’s not about the paperwork! Ultimately what is written or signed in these documents is nothing, if the people cannot assert those principles by which they wish to live. We have proved that by taking our eye off the ball for centuries. The powers-that-shouldn’t-be ignore law at will so the people need to show they care for these central principles by getting interested or, better still, even passionate again about their responsibility to decide on justice.

We do not have the luxury of being distracted by tantalising tit-bits of information (interesting though they are) about how they might have tricked us by metaphorically ‘crossing their fingers behind their back’ during the oath, dodgy coronation documents, the fact that ‘understand’ means stand under, your birth certificate number, being lost at sea etc. There may be truth in some of this but I feel this is all distraction from those more central and profound issues that we are understandably more reluctant to face.