The Traffic Penalty Tribunal is under the spotlight - but really it's the conduct of central government that is being exposed due to the unconstitutional legislative straitjacket they place upon it. This is raising issues of Constitutional importance and matters of civil liberties.

Assuming their legitimacy for the moment, these administrative agencies and departments, whilst they are able to claim some justification for their role, are attempting to wash their hands of their broader responsibilities under law. Although they feel that central government can absolve them of those broader concerns and obligations by narrowing their remit, they, in fact cannot do so, and all public bodies and officers of government are bound by those broader constitutional limitations. Those responsibilities to adhere to higher moral standards always remain.  

It is crucial that people in large numbers understand the arguments that Martin is making here and get behind it. This is aiming directly at the twisted state of the Rule of Law.

Show that you really care about justice by helping Martin call out the crime at the moral level. If attention is not paid to this, you will be assisting in the further demise of your liberties. If you are merely focussing on matters of suspected (but not proved) administrative fraud, you are tacitly agreeing that the government's more fundamental crimes at the constitutional and moral level are not really of concern and you are therefore metaphorically shrugging your shoulders over this. The Universe is ultimately watching our reactions to see if we are capable of identifying wrong-doing where it matters most.