"From Thought Control to Free Thought"

It was a fun panel of people to be with! Some I knew already and some I had known-of for years but hadn’t yet met!

I condensed as much information I could into my allocated 10 mins speaking time - bribing Richard Vobes to get an extra minute wasn't going to work, sadly. But I did hold him off at the end!

It was wonderful to meet James Corbett - who I used to follow avidly (and still should be) back in 2010.

I had a brief conversation with him about how things were back then compared with now. We both felt the situation hadn’t necessarily improved! He spoke eloquently on the freedom of speech - and ended with the suggestion that we should read physical books more!

I already knew Delores and I had a fantastic and animated conversation with her in the hall of the conference the day before - much to the amusement of those around us, and she spoke well as always.

It was lovely to meet Karen-Ruth Skolmli who, it turns out, had attended one of my smaller talks in Totnes about three years ago.

She really nailed the simplicity of how the law should be working. We need to catch up more!

I agreed with MP Andrew Bridgen on the panel discussion about the hopelessness of the voting system and how it doesn’t work for the people.

Although I did school him on the true meaning of Democracy! ;-) Sorry Andrew!!

I’d never met Mark Devlin before - so it was great to chat for the first time - but our conversation was nothing to do with the state of the world but almost entirely about late 90s dance music! We had a great chat.

Melissa Ciummei spoke well on the financial side of things and we chatted before the event about the fraudulent money system. Particularly enjoyed Alex Kraimer’s talk - but sadly didn’t meet him.

Thanks to Richard Vobes and Tess Lawrie for hosting. Thanks also to Neil Oliver who, at the end of our panel, expressed some kind words about the clarity of information expressed by our panel and the sense of truth that emerged from the things we had said.

A big thank you to Tess and the whole team for such an enjoyable event over the three days. We met some great colleagues but also some fabulous visitors and I had some really amazing conversations. A very positive weekend!