This is an important message to anyone running for Parliament - and it really is anyone, not just independents. This might sound a bit intense but this is profoundly serious.

Anyone who is running for political office, whether local or national elections, is obligated under law (this is not just a nicety) to uphold the Constitution. Due to how far off-track the nation has travelled, this is a challenge right now even if well-intentioned and meaningful efforts are made. Therefore, you would be obligated to take genuine and visible steps (as much as would reasonably be expected within one term) towards that restoration of the Rule of Law and the deeply hidden full-form of the Constitution.

That specifically means that regardless of what other exciting things you feel you wish to implement were you to to get into office, what you must do and are obligated to do is put into effect genuine efforts to re-establish the full powers of the Constitution. That would include a sincere drive to make known to the public at large, the hidden but most definitely lawful right of the jury not only to judge the accused, but also to judge the justice of the legislation. Full Jury Independence is the central pillar of a properly-functioning Democratic Constitution as it allows the people to govern themselves through their consciences.

Your manifesto, and following actions in office should include an education campaign and a drive to expose these hidden concepts. This would include the reminding of the nation and political establishment of the Monarch's primary role as the most senior public servant, which is to exercise their right and duty to refuse Royal Assent to unlawful Parliamentary Bills that would lead to the infringement of the Constitution and the people's liberty. You would also be expected under law to begin repealing any legislation that is out of alignment with Constitutional Law.

A pledge for your manifesto might include this as a suitable text:

The restoration of our Constitutional Law in its fullest form, including the esoteric concept of the full and rightful authority of the jury to judge on the justice of legislation. This allows the people to return to their rightful position as the final arbiter of law over a subjugated legislature. The Monarch would be reminded of their duty to refuse unlawful legislation through their prerogative and to cast aside the false notion that Parliament is the supreme law-maker by lawfully upholding the preeminence of the people’s Trial by Jury and Jury Independence in order that all justice be brought about through conscience.

This is a Constitutional requirement and not upholding these truths would be unlawful.

There are many resources on this website to help further one's understanding:

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Good luck! :-)

William Keyte - 7th February 2024